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51PercentProductions, AUS

"My body has a lot of injuries. I am deemed 43% full body impaired. My mental health was at an all time low, so I went to check out Oni (at the request of my wife & with the blessing of my doc) Mitch & Em have created the most amazing gym. A safe space. A place where I was welcomed with open arms & minds. I am treated as if I had been there from the start. No ego’s. Just like minded people with the want & drive to better themselves & those around them. I cannot recommend this place and these trainers any higher."

 Oni Fight Team was created for fighters, competitors, challenge seeking-individuals and mixed martial arts enthusiasts.

We aim to revolutionise the typical mixed martial arts gym. Provide services and support that haven't been offered before, such as seminars from sport psychologists, nutritionists and chiropractitioners to maximise our members wellbeing. Members will also have the opportunity to attend internal mixed martial arts seminars, from BJJ to MMA - scheduled regularly.

Our Oni team works to create programs to assist with individuals goals, encourage continual education and growth, and challenge each individual independently to assist with their unique improvement.


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