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Oni Fight Team was founded in 2021 by Mitch and Emilee, with the support of their friends and family that continue to work closely with the founders.

 Oni Fight Team was created for fighters, competitors, challenge seeking-individuals and mixed martial arts enthusiasts.

We aim to revolutionise the typical mixed martial arts gym. Provide services and support that haven't been offered before, such as seminars from sport psychologists, nutritionists and chiropractitioners to maximise our members wellbeing. Our Oni team works to create programs to assist with individuals goals, encourage continual education and growth, and challenge each individual independently to assist with their unique improvement.


Seminars and events

Regular seminars and events held within our premises. Ranging from BJJ, MMA, nutrition, mental health seminars and more.

Scheduled Classes

Scheduled classes

Oni Fight Team gym provides a full functioning mixed martial arts facility. Our scheduled classes offer structure and support to maximise members knowledge and challenge each individual.

Private Sessions

Private sessions

Want a private session to focus on Jiu Jitsu? How about Kickboxing? What ever your need, our qualified and experienced trainers are available to assist. 

Fight Shows and Tornaments

Fight shows and tornaments

Our founders regularly book fighters and competitors into fight shows and tournaments. This can go towards your fight record.

Founders; Mitch Holden

and Emilee Della-Libera

Company mobile:

0401 290 031 or 0400 212 581

Address: Unti 12/5-11 Waynote Place

Unanderra, NSW, 2526

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Oni Fight Team

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Oni Fight Team Pty Ltd 2021

ACN 650 324 664

ABN 214 748 3647

All rights reserved 

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