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The Oni Fight Team goal is to provide a mixed martial arts gym that offers complete guidance and support for members overall wellbeing. Members will have assess to a full mixed martial arts facility, including MMA cage paneling, several heavy bags, focus pads, Thai pads, and more.

As well as our facility, Oni Fight Team is associated with multiple external professionals within the health industry. These external services include Chiropractic and wellbeing, psychology and sports nutrition and supplement advice. To learn more about our associates and their work, see "Associates" to view our compete list.

Oni Fight Team runs and accommodates internal seminars and events for members. Our seminars range from mixed martial arts specific seminars and guest speakers, to seminars and events based around our varying associates. Our members will be informed upon upcoming seminars and events.

We value our members feedback. For us to continue growing, learning and providing the best facility and training possible, we ask every member to include their input in to what they like, would like to do more of and what we can do to provide more for you. We have an internal gym method providing an area for members to offer their ideas and suggestions.

Overall, Oni Fight Team offers a safe place for all individuals. Regardless your background, past and present, struggles, fears, differences, sex, nationality, etc - We offer a safe and welcoming environment. We function best as a family. We DO NOT tolerate bullying, discrimination, sexism, racism, genderism or any form/outlet of direct or indirect harm to others. Our staff have the right to discontinue any membership (with reason).

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