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Mental health anD mixed martial arts
why is it so important?

Traditional Asian Martial Arts is not limited to just physical benefits. Asian Martial Arts practises mindfulness, introspection, respect, soothing/calming of the mind and spiritual and philosophical development.

The importance of practising Martial Arts to its fullest capacity has proven benefits to an individuals mental, emotional and physical health.

Some benefits of practising Martial Arts in a supportive environment include:

  •  Alleviate stress

  • Great way to release dopamine (feel good hormone)

  • Increase mindfulness and introspection

  • "Quiet" the mind

  • Increase focus

  • Improve mental and physical endurance + strength

  • Increase self-esteem

  • Creates strong sense of friendships and belonging

  • Increases sense of respect and mindfulness

This is not an exhausted list. The benefits of Martial Arts for your overall health is endless.

At Oni Fight Team, one of our aims is to increase the understanding of the mental benefits associated with Martial Arts. We're paring with Psychologists to support our members and 

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