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Japanese oni mask or giant mask, used to

"Humbling demons to build warriors"
One Fight Team


An Oni is a hulking being from ancient Japanese folklore. Origins of Oni folklore may be foreign, perhaps introduced into Japan from China.

Oni creatures were originally portrayed as evil beings, being feared and used to scare youth to encourage appropriate behaviour. 

However, their presence has mellowed overtime and in current times they are depicted as more of a protective being that wards off evil and brings consequences to those who have done wrong, especially to others.

Oni creatures are immensely strong and ferocious beyond equal. Said to be masters of sorcery, making them practically impossible to defeat. 

They're said to be "stronger than strong" and invincible.

The female version of the Oni being is Hannya.

Hannya creatures look similar to that of the Oni. Immensely strong and experts at sorcery.

Hannya masks are used to represent deep emotions of women. It expresses anger, fear, sadness, heartbreaking, sorrowful and dangerous and tormented beings. When Hannya is betrayed or others around her are betrayed, she becomes angry and seeks justice or revenge.

Oni Fight Team was founded in 2021 by Mitch and Emilee, with the support of their friends and family that continue to work closely with the founders.

 Oni Fight Team was created for fighters, competitors, challenge seeking-individuals and mixed martial arts enthusiasts.

We aim to revolutionise the typical mixed martial arts gym. Provide services and support that haven't been offered before, such as seminars from sport psychologists, nutritionists and chiropractitioners to maximise our members wellbeing. Members will also have the opportunity to attend internal mixed martial arts seminars, from BJJ to MMA - scheduled regularly.

Our Oni team works to create programs to assist with individuals goals, encourage continual education and growth, and challenge each individual independently to assist with their unique improvement.

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